Drone Inspection for Solar Panel

Faster, safer and more accurate solar panel inspection


Anomalies can clearly be seen on a high resolution thermal image, they cannot be seen with a naked eye. eBsuccess provides solar panel inspection service using drones equipped with high resolution visible and thermal imaging cameras. Find potential hot spots on the solar panel by software. Drone inspection allows the owner to have a big picture of the site. Regular inspections are important for efficient power generation and high returns of the investment.




Hot spot lies in panel where dirt lies in.


No dirt detected but hot spot lies in panel

  • Time saving
  • Scan large areas with short time frame. Speed of inspection time is greatly improved.
  • High productivity
  • Drone inspection provides a rapid and easy scans for roof tops and arrays. It can optimize O&M workflow, increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve safety.
  • High quality inspection
  • Using highest quality thermal imaging cameras and trained engineers, we can rapidly detect and diagnose the problem.
  • Maximized Energy Production and ROI
  • Regular inspection of the photovoltaic panels provides accurate and detailed inspections to ensure reliable, stable and long-term energy production and minimize maintenance cost.