Solar Monitoring System

eBsuccess SOLAR MONITORING SYSTEM (SMS) is a cloud-based monitoring and management platform to track details on the performance of the entire solar system. SMS enables to regularly monitor, collect and transmit production data of photovoltaic systems. SMS provides real-time email alert so that problems can be quickly addressed. SMS displays key performance data including current yields information, inverter energy data, event logs, financial benefits and real income management. Also, it allows to access current data from any browser and your smart device (Android or iOS) at anytime and anywhere.


SMS is the most professional platform for systems integrators to review all PV plants at the same time and ensure all PV plants operation in the best situation. Also, it is the best analysis and presentation tool for a system owner. Owner can login to view their report, receive an event alert and daily report. SMS is a simpler, more reliable way to effectively manage your inverter, maintain optimal performance and maximize your returns.

Solar Monitoring System includes two parts:

 •Communication with up to 50 inverters.

 •Remote monitoring of PV plant and inverter.

 •Complete inverter data collection.

 •RS485 modbus support for any inverter.

 •Upload data to cloud server.

 •Easy to use with web UI configuration.

 •Provide up to 30 days data storage.



 Cloud-based Solar Monitoring Portal
 •All-in-One solar system presentation, monitoring and management through web-based platform.

 •Remote monitoring without territorial restriction.

 •Display of power information with intuitive operation and graphic chart.

 •Record event with real-time alert.

 •Daily yield report by email.

 •No additional software need to be installed.

 •Flexible multi-user management.

 •Support any browser in Windows, Linux and MacOS system.

 •Support for iOS and Android smartphone or tablet. 


  • Ensure your solar power generation and revenue.
  • Recognize, analyze and remedy errors quickly.
  • Maximize your solar investment.
  • Reduce maintenance cost and time.
  • Cost-effective cloud based monitoring solution.