MonitorSP Performance Monitoring

As enterprises run its business operation in the Internet, Web performance directly impacts the e-Business performance. So, Web performance is the benchmark of your e-Business competitive advantage. In order to maintain successful e-Business and meet the service level agreement, enterprise needs a tool to ensure Web performance. eBsuccess Solutions Inc provides MonitorSP Prime to help you manage and control your Web performance from end-users perspective.


MonitorSP Prime ensures the reliability, availability and response time of your Web application. It emulates end-user experience proactively, measuring from multiple locations around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enterprises can do scalability test before deployment, and continue performance monitoring and tuning even after. Also, e-Business applications and content changes are frequently. With MonitorSP Prime, enterprises can address Web application issues effectively and consistently provide users with the best performance experience. MonitorSP Prime makes your e-Business portal manageable and controllable, as to protect your investment and revenue.

  • Offer a comprehensive solution to manage and control your Web application performance.
  • Provide a complete insight of system, network and application analysis to managers at anywhere, anytime.
  • Create an objective and quantitative indicator to identify the root causes and bottlenecks of Web application performance.
  • Reduce the workload and time of problems detection.
  • Ensure the cost-effectiveness and productivity of Web applications.


  • From end-user experience and location access, MonitorSP Prime ensures the 24x7 availability, reliability and response time of your Web applications.

  • MonitorSP Prime agenda recorder provides a user-friendly simulation tool, which allows you to proactively record end-user behavior as an agenda.
  • Analyze the time factors of Web page including DNS lookup time, redirection time, connection time, response time and content download time.
  • MonitorSP Prime enables you to diagnose the root cause of problems efficiently and validate content delivery.

  • Track the performance of all Web page components by monitoring the underlying elements of Web applications.
  • Establish proactive event-driven alert functions include Content Validation, Failure Check, and Performance Problem etc.

  • Enhance the business competitive advantage in the marketplace by maintaining high-quality Web applications.
  • Detect, isolate and resolve the problems efficiently before users experience.
  • Facilitate capacity planning and change management by a comprehensive performance analysis.
  • Shorten a great deal of time in pinpoint performance bottleneck by Web performance report.
  • Provide alert to react the problem at the first time and to achieve operation excellence.
  • Assure user’s satisfaction and loyalty by meeting service level of agreement.
  • Ensure the cost-effectiveness of Web applications by comprehensive performance analysis.