About us

eBsuccess Solutions Inc. is the worldwide solutions provider in Web Service Security and Performance Management. We deliver the world-class products and services that help enterprise to ensure its e-Business Service Availability. Our solutions assure to provide instant, continuous and accurate service, as well as optimize e-Business operation.


Founded in 2000, eBsuccess was established in the highest state-run Incubator Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, also is the first “e-Business Performance Management” solution provider in Asia Pacific. Our unique technology enables to create product differential, which also correspond with the spirit of IT Service Management (ISO 20000).


eBsuccess offers a wide range of e-Business performance management solutions includes load testing in pre-deployment, performance management and security management in post-deployment. eBsuccess enables the enterprise to enhance system efficiency and productivity, as well as effectively reduce the cost. As a result, enterprise can strengthen its competitive advantages and create more benefits. Fast growing e-Business development has brought about unceasingly customer expectation on high service quality. Our solutions are directly aimed at this challenge. eBsuccess anticipates the demand of business-nature performance management solutions will be fastest growing in the future.


 eBsuccess award-winning solutions obtained the affirmation from various professional organizations. In 2001, eBsuccess was presented with the “Golden Torch Award” by the Taiwan Government for its distinguished technology on Web Performance Management. In 2003, eBsuccess received 2003 National Business Start-up Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2007, eBsuccess obtained the Certificate of Registration” from Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA). Moreover, eBsuccess acquires the significant achievements to obtain Certificate of Taiwan Invention Patent in 2006 and Certificate of China Invention Patent in 2012. These recognitions cement eBsuccess leadership.


Besides, our products were adopted by many world-class enterprises and government agencies by our own technology and patent. In Taiwan, we establish fruitful achievement. eBsuccess will reinforce the professional management team to develop overseas market, expand market shares and fulfill globalization mission.


Today, e-Business applications are an essential part of competitive advantage. We provide professional products and supportive services. eBsuccess is your best partner to accomplish the success of your e-Business.